wechat help friend register|$55 NZD = wechat security check qr code, deliver within 1 day

bypass wechat friend verification|$55 NZD = Help you verify and unblock wechat account, deliver within 1 day
We Can Scan QR code for your WeChat account sign up. Fix issues like wechat help friend sign up and wechat help friend register. Delivery within 1 day.


What can we do:

1. We can set up and create a WeChat official account(service account, subscription account) for your business, and write an introduction for your account. Delivery within 5 days.

2. We can write and post 4 articles for your WeChat official account monthly.  Delivery within 2 days.

3. We can make a WeChat mini program for your business.  Delivery within 5 days.

4. We can Scan QR code for your WeChat account signs up. Delivery within 1 day.

5. We can Help you get through WeChat security check, deliver within 2 days.

Service Video:

if you wanna a wechat business account, What do I need from your side?

WeChat official account documents requirement
Step 1 and Step 5 already have the English translation.
Step 2:business license 营业执照 (a scanned color copy, or a photocopy with business seals)
Organization certificate 组织机构代码证
Step 3 means that you have to prepare recent 3 months phone number bills, or recent 3 months company phone bills, please note:step 3 requires the company seal on your company phone number bills or company bank card bills.
Step 4: ID card positive side and the other side.
step 6 means that wechat team accept wechat pay and bank cards.


Phone: 01 2504927
Service Type: business support
Lowest Cost: $10 NZD
Average Cost: $40 NZD
Service Time: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Escrow Transaction:  We follow this platform(kiwikiwifly.com) escrow transaction process. When your payment is submitted, we must complete and deliver our work to you. Until you receive the work, we can receive our money from this platform escrow account. If we didn't complete your requirements, you will get your money back from this platform and we cannot receive the money from this platform, You didn't pay to me directly but via this platform.
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My Review Score:4.9
Business Number: I am a full-time freelancer
What does good storytelling and post look like on WeChat?

No need to be perfect. People feel they can also do it and you can be good friend with them.

How to choose a suitable WeChat official account for my business? 

Use wechat service account to provide daily content to convey your value and communicate with your followers.
Use wechat subscription account to provide service and company announcements.
overseas company only can choose wechat subscription account.

How can my wechat not be locked by wechat team?

Do not use wechat personal account for posting ads or any items. Do not post any ads to wechat group. Register a wechat official account or wechat mini program

Can I have 2 wechat account? How can I have many WeChat accounts??  

Everyone can register 5 WeChat accounts. If you want to have more than 5, you can ask your family members to help. or you can buy one.

How do you keep the wechat groups vibrant? How do you define the purpose of the wechat group? 

Think about why you gather them, what is your product, and what can you provide, how your group service can improve their daily life.
Do wechat has an advertising system like facebook ads or google ads?
YES. WeChat does have an advertising system. By wechat advertising system, your buyers can find your business. You can set up ads location, ads period, customers type settings like gender, phone type settings.
How long can you help me reigster a new wechat account?
Generally speaking , it will take about 24 hours.
Can you 100% guarantee that help me scan the qr code to register a WeChat account?
No worries, We alreay helped over 38 buyers get through the wechat scan qr code verification. and the most important point is that. We follow this platform(kiwikiwifly.com) escrow transaction process. When your payment is submitted, I must complete and deliver our work to you. If we didn't complete your requirements, I cannot receive the money from this platform escrow account. If I complete this order. I will get the money from this platform.  And kiwikiwifly cannot release the money from this platform before I complete this order, You didn't pay me directly but via this platform.
How can I buy this order?
Click that pay to this user orange button, and don't forget to  submit my id: cloudcoderTyler on your paypal payment pages to this platform. And give your phone number and sim card location to my inbox via message.
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Tell me how to order and pay for WeChat registration. Or send me a link to [email protected]
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I plan to China for a gap year, and try to find more Chinese backpackers in the WeChat groups. But I met the WeChat scan QR code issue when I tried to register a WeChat account on my Android phone, I am from German, very hard to find a Chinese help me with wechat security check qr code, Luckily, This seller verified my WeChat account and bypass WeChat assistant verification.
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please remember the suggestions that I sent you. just leave a message to me if you have more issues. :)
just place an order, I will deliver my work in 24 hours.

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