New Zealand slang that is common in summer

Summer is coming, the sun beach white clouds, especially in the context of the new crown pneumonia ravaged the northern hemisphere, this year New Zealanders have nowhere to go, can only "domestic tour." So this year you've had a much less chance of meeting international visitors in New Zealand's popular tourist attractions, full of "locals", learning a little bit of new Zealand slang commonly used in the summer, greeting locals while playing, joining their conversation, and making the grey end of 2020 a bit of a positive taste.

Summer Kiwi Slang

Chilly bin carry-on/car Xiaoice box
Togs swimwear
Jandals word drag
Buggered tired of playing, out of strength
bach/crib holiday cottage
Chur thank you, equal to tanks
Hokey-pokey is one of New Zealanders' favorite ice cream flavors
Stubbie for a bottle of beer
Tramping countryside walking adventure
It doesn good t matter, I don't mind
Sweet as stick
Choice as is great
Bring a plate dinner with one dish for everyone
you right? You okay?
Kia Ora Maori greeting
Pay Tips 22-12-20


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