Where to get job information in New Zealand? Just use these 6 methods

I share 6 methods so that you can find a job easily in New Zealand. Channels for these sources of information include:

1. Buy a local newspaper. A large number of posts will be published in newspapers on Wednesdays and Saturdays;

2. Related recruitment sites Trademe, nzherald, seek, hays-hps, nzjobs, etc.;
3. The company's website, New Zealand's general size companies will be directly on the official website to update their talent needs. This is also the most direct channel of contact with employers;
4. Make more friends, expand your network, tell friends that you are looking for a job, tell them to introduce, someone to introduce is really a lot easier, Asians are full of enthusiasm, will be willing to help. New Zealand's domestic demand is relatively small because the country's overall economy is as small as the country's. Coupled with the encouragement of tenure, employers are relatively conservative in recruiting new recruits. General work, more referral, the greater the chance of being applied for. This shows the importance of making more friends and expanding interpersonal skills;
5. Through the human intermediary company, like the well-known human intermediary has: SeIect, Westaff and so on, you just go to their company to fill in resumes, interviews, their company has a job shortage database, like the human bank, do not charge any fees, when you have a job, your salary will be a small part of the manpower intermediary company (about your hourly salary of 1 or 2 pieces will fall into the pocket of the human intermediary company), as long as you pay attention to find a legitimate human intermediary company everyone will not suffer.
6. The Government's Ministry of Labour has employment counselling centres in many major cities to help local residents solve employment problems. The addresses and telephone numbers of these centres can be found in the telephone book, and in addition to providing services such as job search or vocational training free of charge, bulletin boards also post information on the search for talents, and job seekers should provide their names, addresses, age backgrounds, jobs they wish to do, treatment and so on. In the event of a suitable job, the Employment Counselling Centre will notify the interview, and for job seekers with poor language skills, the Employment Counselling Centre will also find translators and middle interpreters.
Taken together, it's a lot easier to get a job. But to remind everyone, don't be afraid to be rejected, this is a normal thing. Try more, try more for chances so you can succeed.
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