Common fees in New Zealand's public primary and secondary schools

New Zealand Public Primary and Secondary Schools - State school is free and compulsory for New Zealand residents or New Zealand citizens, as well as for children of people with work visas of more than two years.

Free means tuition fees and course books, and some other fees are unavoidable or require parents of students to supplement their underfunding in the form of "donations".

The common "school fees" in New Zealand's public primary and secondary schools are:

School uniforms, schools have designated school uniform providers, directly for parents to sell, the price can not be cheap
Interest courses or skills or exercise courses that are not in the syllabus, such as swimming lessons
Students can buy small items to take home, not expensive
Dinner in the canteen
In addition to the list above, there are "donation"-type fees, called schools, which are usually paid by parents, and in a small number of schools in poor areas, either simply do not charge the fee or some parents of students cannot afford it.

Charges for donation types, including:

The homework book for writing
The cost of a school-organized outing or camping trip
Upgrades of classroom equipment and teaching equipment, as well as some materials for teaching
Class-organized excursions
In addition, semi-public schools, also known as state-integrated schools, are paid for in part by the New Zealand government, but the cost of the school's property (rent, water and electricity) is not paid by the state, so these semi-public schools (church schools) charge a fee called attends, usually NZ$2000-3000 a year;
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