machine learning projects for job | $50 = I will develop machine learning, ai and data science solutions

You Get Work based on Commitment, Trust, Quality, Performance and Dedication.

I am a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Science Developer with in depth knowledge of the mathematics behind the algorithms. My work includes Brain Tumor Detection, Object Recognition, Image Segmentation, Personal Driving Assistant and Abstractive Text Summarization e.t.c to name a few.

You will get effective Machine Learning and Data Science solutions that solve your problems.

Research -> Data -> Feature Engineering -> Model -> Validation -> Testing -> Deployment

I am an expert in;

Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Data Mining
Data Visualizations
Data Science
Data Analytics
Data Structures
Data Extraction
Web Scraping
Sentiment Analysis
Natural language processing
Project Design 

If you have any project or problem, relating any of these fields then contact me and we can discuss possible solutions.

Customer Satisfaction is Top priority of my work; and provide service which fulfills your needs.

Note: Charges will differ on complexity of problem, specifications required and accuracy expectations.

You can contact me for long term projects as well.
Pay Tips 24-04-21


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