Machine learning part time jobs | $50 = Simple and Basic Level Statistical Data Analysis | 3 Days Delivery

I can do advanced statistical data analysis in r, rstudio, $50 = Simple and Basic Level Statistical Data Analysis | 3 Days Delivery.

I am expert Statistician and Statistical Data Analyst, having M.Phil degree in Statistics with strong computational background. I would love to provide my services for the tasks related to field of Statistics and data analysis. 

I am well versed in both theoretical and applied aspects of the Statistics. I am skilled in computer Software R-Language and Rstudio . I am experienced in data cleaning, handling and analyzing.

Being an expert Statistician, I will provide you the following services:

1. Data manipulation, Data wrangling and analyzing after identification of suitable statistical techniques.
2. Data visualization with appropriate graph (like Bar chart, Box-plots, Histogram, Pie chart etc)
3. Qualitative research with suitable thematic analysis.
4. Descriptive Statistics 
5. Bivariate analysis
6.Survey data manipulation and analysis on R and Rstudio
7. Regression, correlations, Chi-squares, Parametric and Non-Parametric tests, ANOVA, MANOVA.
8. Time series analysis
9. Reporting results with excellent formatting of Tables and Graphs in R MarkDown.

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Pay Tips 24-04-21


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