Life experience share for you (important)

1、More books you read, less pains you gains
  Rich people can use money to try the fault, but if we don't have that money, we should read enough book to avoid the risk,to distinguish the trap. how to get it? from the books, we can get lots of logic, when the book is enough, our brain can generate a logic which is the real  precious to yourself, and no one can rab it or stole it from you, if you ask which book we should read first. Of course i highly recomand you read the history book first. Because all the things happened in the history. If you say : I can't not find the same things happen now in the history books , that proof you read the history not enough. 
because you don't have enough money to try the fault. And more people even have not second time to try the second. Because first fault will kill him. So read books is the most important thing to do in your life.
2、Less angry more  
   angry only come from the people who is not smart. The budda says do not see other's fault ,only see yours.
When some bads things happens, you should understand, why it is happen, perhaps you will say jack do it ,he is so foolish,i will fire him right now, if you think like this you are coward. Why you can not see Jack's daily work, you should understand the people's temperament, which he can do which he can not do, Ex: you want to study how to drive car, but you find a people who only can drive plane, perhaps you will say : stupid! i never do that things. 
yes, Jack is the plane driver, but you call him to drivecar ,because you can't find his real ability, you just listen to him,  he tell you he can do,you trust him. When it broken you will say is not your fault. honest say all is yourself fault, others is no fault in you all life.
    Like a tiger, when you see a tiger want to eat you ,you will run home to tell you father, the tiger is so fierce, really that time you know the tiger is fierce, because tiger's nature instinction is fierce, like the other people, when you see he or she is stupid, is not his fault, that his natrue temper, just you can not accept, but do you know what happens on his life, how he become like this, you have money to go to school ,did he has that money to read?
so, never see other's fault includ you wife or husbend. 
3、family trap quarrel with others
     Especially with you mate, when you are frustrated right now, pls do not close it.
    Two different people come from different family ,just i said in second, different family have different family culture. yes, culture!  So the first all is surface you saw, his handsome or hers pretty, and in oder to get together, you can tolerate hers first , but when you married you can not tolerant her anymore, because hers mind is different from you , so you angry? why don't you understand her ,if you really love her, you can obey her, write here you perhaps say: all time to obey her, why i need obey, i can't tolerant this all the life. Don't worry this, you are building your family's culture, you should let her know this, please understand each other, all the thing we do in oder for the family. If she don't understand it. you should tolerant it, because you should be a smart people, if all you can not understand it, the family will over. 
    Remmber, who first apologise to another, who is the angle. Time will proof your's decide is right after years.
every one can not be really stupid, she or he will understand this. 
    Ok, this the two mind from my head. hope can help you.
     I'm Tim who is a windows and doors seller, we export to different countries, if you need pls back me.
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