How does your restaurant keep profitable within Covid-19? What are the methods to attract new foodies as a restaurant owner in Auckland, NZ?

Restaurant owners have real difficulties in Covid-19,but how to still keep profitable? Can someone share experience to us?
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I have realized a couple of methods which still depending on whether it is a local community or not depend but here are a few things that have worked and actually even had at least profited.

Here are a few things that worked and made them profit:

-In a couple of restaurants we lowered the menu options but rotated them weekly so they could have the employees cook in the morning and some of them do free delivery in the afternoon!

-Make a big local campaign of marketing and let people have a weekly menu where they can pick things and get their food delivered

-Do catering to a lot of businesses since there is a higher demand because of not too many options on places to go for lunch.


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We are doing half the volume and employing half the staff. Cutting labor and food costs only goes so far because restaurants have a lot of fixed costs as well (rent, insurance, etc). There were some costs involved with getting up and going with takeout. If we don’t get help in the form of rent relief or grants, we will have to close. If we close, its just a matter of time before we close permanently. But I’m optimistic there will be relief and when the weather improves, business will too because we are in a waterfront location with foot traffic. We are under a “stay at home” order now, but people can still walk outside. We are tiny, and we are pivoting quickly to become better at takeout, but I’m not sure what the future holds. Just taking it day by day, working hard to stay afloat and keep a skeleton crew engaged and employed.
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Some restaurants have voluntarily closed.

Some restaurants have closed their dining room and only making food for take-out or delivery.

Some restaurants have reduced the number of patrons they will seat.

Some restaurants have made no changes.

All restaurants are experiencing low patronage. If you can, try buying a gift certificate for your favorite restaurant, particularly if they're local, and don't use it until everything goes back to normal. The additional cash will help the owners stay in business through this.

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